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Commitment to Women

IMG_3249White Rainbow Project creates centers of learning and partnerships to empower, employ, and touch widows and at-risk women in India. Providing a safe place to grow in independence, women of the White Rainbow Project family can expect a hot chai, a warm embrace, and a new skill set, and income in their position. We also prioritize the medical, emotional, and situational needs of each woman we reach.  We welcome the challenges of serving a diverse population.  Whenever a need arises, we collaborate to solve it with respect, understanding, and haste.

HOPE Recycled. LIVES Restored.


sewWe work with women and their cohorts to design, source, create, and sell handmade products. The White Rainbow Collection is a fundraising effort of the White Rainbow Project. We take beautiful donated Indian sarees and locally sourced or recycled goods and have them lovingly crafted into tunic tops, scarves, gift bags and unique jewelry. We offer them for sale to help raise funds to support the widows in our program.

From a donation of sarees from Indian women to the widow who sews a beautiful scrap into a one-of-a-kind scarf, we harness abilities, creating worth and connection across cultural boundaries. The handmade creations are then sent to us here in the U.S. to sell in retail outlets, at craft fairs, and social justice events alongside our education initiatives.



Commitment to Partnerships

teamWe connect locally and internationally. In addition to our work on the ground in India producing our clothing and accessory line, we use events, film screenings, grants, and research to inform our efforts while educating others on the prolific problem of widowhood stigma. Then, we offer a pathway towards improving the lives of India’s widows. We walk alongside churches, individuals, NGOs, and businesses, from a small retail boutique to institutional governing authorities.


Commitment to Change

get_involved_263x160We seek to change the world, one widow at a time. Widowhood is an inevitable fate for millions of women around the world, not just India. The debilitating stigmas of widowhood will continue to enslave women, their daughters, and their granddaughters. If they are not given avenues to redefine their widowhood and gain their independence, how can we expect cycles of injustice to cease?  If we pay attention to eliminating these stigmas, we will also find solutions to cycles of poverty, the AIDs epidemic, overpopulation, education, sex-trafficking, and unemployment.

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