Madison Acri

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Madison Acri is an aspiring fashion designer, and first and foremost, the single mother of one. Madison’s inspiration has come from her beautiful daughter, Kendra Rose, who was born with a physical disability. Says Madison, “Her amazing strength through all her hardships have inspired the direction for my passion.  Someday, I hope to use my fashion skills, for my daughter, and those also struggling with arthrygryposis, to design both fashionable and comfortable clothing and shoes, that will facilitate their movement.”  In the meantime, Madison is thrilled to be among those participating in a Fashion Design Challenge, dedicated to empowering widows in India.  She believes that the greatest thing one can do with their talent is to bring joy and comfort to others. She adds, “I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to begin my fashion design adventure with The White Rainbow Project, and to be entered for a chance to travel to India to share my passion with others and further explore my talents. Madison is studying Fashion Design at Palomar College.

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